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City Selects Arnhart as Acting Columbia Fire Chief

Michael Arnhart has been named acting fire chief of the Columbia Fire Department (CFD). Arnhart stepped into the role beginning on April 1 and will remain in the role until the fire chief position is filled permanently.

He has served at CFD since July 2021 as the department’s chief training officer.

Before working for the city, Arnhart served as fire chief of the Antonia Fire Protection District in Barnhart, Missouri. He has also worked for the High Ridge Fire Protection District as fire chief, deputy chief, fire marshal, and firefighter. He was also an instructor at the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute and the St. Louis County Fire Academy.

“I am excited to step into this role to allow continuity for employees of the Fire Department and for the future of the Department as our next chief comes on board,” Arnhart said in a news release from the city.

Job Point’s YouthBuild Sends Student to the White House

After dropping out of high school, Braeden McCollum wasn’t quite sure what was next for his future, but never did he imagine it would be representing the Midwest as a delegate to “Cultivating Possibilities: White House Youth Policy Summit 2024” presented in partnership with YouthBuild USA, Funders for Adolescent Science Translation, and the National Youth Employment Coalition.

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On Monday, February 12, he left for Washington, D.C., to do just that.

“I cannot believe that I get to do this, but I am so excited to be here.” McCollum said.

Since enrolling in Job Point’s YouthBuild program, he has passed his High School Equivalency test and earned his diploma through the Missouri Options program, earned a certificate in carpentry from Job Point’s Skills Training program, and made his third trip to Washington, D.C., for leadership and advocacy training through YouthBuild USA.

He was chosen from among 3,000 youth applicants from across the country for the unique opportunity to share his voice and experiences at the federal level with policymakers.

Forbes Lists Boone Hospital Center Among America’s Best Midsize Employers

Forbes has recognized Boone Hospital Center among America’s Best Midsize Employers in its latest ranking.

This annual assessment, conducted in collaboration with market research firm Statista, involved gathering feedback from more than 170,000 workers across the United States. Companies with 1,000 to 5,000 employees were categorized as midsize employers, while those with over 5,000 employees were classified as large.

Scores were calculated based on the aggregated responses, ultimately leading to the selection of the top 600 organizations as America’s Best Employers for 2024. Boone Hospital Center was ranked 46th.

The Forbes website states, “Look to the companies on this year’s list of America’s Best Midsize Employers, which have distinguished themselves for their ability to keep their employees happy and engaged.”

Boone County Historical Society Welcomes New Officers and Board Members

The Boone County Historical Society (BCHS) has welcomed one new trustee, two new officers, and two local leaders to its Board of Directors.

Retired university administrator and nationally acclaimed instrumental and choral music instructor, Earl Coleman, will be the society’s board president for the 2024 and 2025 calendar years. Fourth-generation Columbian and co-founder of both the Ragtag Film Society and the True/False Film Festival, David Wilson will be the society’s board vice president for 2024-25. Two returning directors Nancy W. Thomas and Elizabeth Watkins, up for reelection, were voted in for 3-year terms.

The BCHS membership elected Jerry Benedict and Jolene Schulz to the BCHS Board of Directors for three-year terms, running 2024-2026.

The board of directors also appointed Melissa Applegate to the organization’s board of endowment trustees. Applegate was the co-owner of Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant between 1996 and 2016 and is currently a senior customer service representative at Central Bank of Boone County.

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CIS Obtains Acreage for Future Expansion

The Columbia Independent School (CIS) Board of Trustees recently announced the school has acquired 6.85 acres of additional land on the northwest corner of its campus, off Timber Creek Drive. The land will be used for future projects, including a soccer field, tennis courts, and additional parking.

CIS is currently building a new upper school building, renovating the current building, and developing outdoor play areas as part of Phase One of the project, which will be completed in fall 2024. The soccer and tennis facilities will be constructed during Phase Two of the board’s campus expansion and renovation project.

“The board of trustees is committed to CIS’ mission of guiding students in the pursuit of excellence in academic, physical and creative achievement,” says Jack Miller, chair of the CIS Board of Trustees. “Securing this additional land allows us to expand our on-site athletic facilities and provide for enhanced extracurricular programming and continued enrollment growth.

When Phase One is completed in August, CIS will have new classroom and laboratory space for upper school students in grades 9-12, freshly renovated spaces in the current building for lower and middle school students, and an expanded Early Childhood Center that will include a new program for three-year-olds.

MU Secures Record Research Spending

The University of Missouri has set a record of more than $462 million in research expenditures in fiscal 2023, marking its tenth consecutive year of increases.

“MU researchers are tackling pressing challenges and providing real-world solutions,” said Robin Wenneker, chair of the UM Board of Curators. “Whether they’re saving lives, boosting agricultural production, accelerating the local economy or improving educational outcomes, their work reaches far beyond our walls, making a positive impact in the world.”

MU’s research generates nearly $1 billion a year in economic impact for the state of Missouri, a recent study concluded, supporting more than 6,800 jobs and producing $55 million in state and local taxes.

“For a decade, Mizzou has grown our research enterprise and delivered more impact as Missouri’s flagship, land-grant university,” University of Missouri President Mun Choi said. “These record expenditures show our commitment to creating breakthroughs that benefit our state while also attracting new research funding and world-class faculty to campus.”

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Briefly in the News - April 2024 - COMO Business Times (2024)
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