How to check if the Apex Legends servers are down (2024)

How to check if the Apex Legends servers are down (1)

May 4, 2021: Apex Legends is currently experiencing server outages due to the Season 9 launch.

Need to know the Apex Legends server status? We've all dropped into Olympus only to spend the first few moments opening supply bins in slow-mo, and rubber-banding out of buildings. It's not uncommon to get kicked from a match or lobby suddenly, but it's always annoying.

Sometimes these server woes are just a one-time hitch, but if you're struggling to connect to EA's servers after multiple tries, it could be a widespread issue. While this may be out of your hands until the developer is able to push a fix, it's worth confirming that your PC isn't the culprit. Here's how to check the Apex Legends server status, so you can get back to acing your daily quests.

How to check the Apex Legends server status

When it comes to server hiccups, it's best to check the official channels first. Notable outages will be acknowledged on the Apex Legends Twitter account, so it's worth following it for updates. There's also the EA Help account, which offers support for Apex Legends, as well as your Origin account.

There are some third-party pages dedicated to keeping track of all the issues players run into. If you're struggling to pinpoint the problem, DownDetector is a great place to start as it displays all the technical problems players have encountered over the past 24 hours, and it's constantly updating. If the servers are down, you'll see a large spike on its graph, and more information about the problem below. It also lists resolved issues, so you'll know when it's safe to drop back in.

If you'd rather look to Twitter for updates, follow Apex Legends Status and be sure to switch your notifications on. This account isn't affiliated with Respawn or EA, but it's quick off the mark to alert people when a widespread issue surfaces, and when things are back to normal.

If you suspect the problem is on your end, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can work through to check. Known issues are listed here, including common Nvidia driver troubles and anti-cheat complications.

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As always, it's worth restarting your PC to see if this fixes the problem. While we're in tech-support mode, go ahead and check that your router is operating normally, too. Consider launching another game to see if the problem is isolated to Apex, or whether it affects other games in your library too. If the problem persists, try closing unnecessary background applications to see if they're interfering with your game—these can trigger anti-cheat errors. Once you've done everything in your power to try to find the cause, report the problem to EA.

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How to check if the Apex Legends servers are down (2)

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How to check if the Apex Legends servers are down (2024)
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