Rosters unveiled for 77th Montana East-West Shrine Game next summer in Billings (2024)

BILLINGS — The rosters for the 77th Montana East-West Shrine Game, an annual event featuring the best of the best of Montana's graduating football players from across the state, have been unveiled for next summer's game in Billings.

Two rosters of 40 Montanan players — each of which will also keep the longstanding tradition of one Canadian player — plus alternates will clash June 15, 2024 in The Magic City. A venue has not been announced as of this writing.

Players were nominated by their schools and coaches across the state.

One of America's oldest high school all-star games (having started in 1947), the game is played annually as a fundraiser and to help raise awareness for the orthopedic and burn care unit at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Spokane, Washington, where care is provided regardless of a family’s ability to cover costs, according to a press release.

Head coaches have also been chosen for each team: Billings West's Rob Stanton for the East and Florence-Carlton's Pat Duchien for the West.

Stanton, who just completed his ninth season with the Golden Bears, has led West to at least the Class AA quarterfinals in every season of his tenure and coached the program to a state championship in 2018. He's a Baker native who was elected to the Montana Coaching Hall of Fame in 2020.

Duchien, who took over as the coach of the Falcons in 2017, led Florence-Carlton to a Class B three-peat — the first school in the class ever to do so — when the Falcons won their third title in a row this fall.One of his two sons, former Falcons quarterback and current Montana State player Patrick Duchien, played in the Shrine Game in 2023.

The East leads the all-time series 41-35, but the West has won three straight games, including last year's showdown by a 45-13 margin in Butte.

The 77th Montana East-West Shrine Game rosters are as follows:


Centers:Landen Thompson, Fairview; Spencer Higareda, Huntley Project; Treydon Hull, Laurel.Guards:Jace Thompson, Bozeman Gallatin; Ethan Short, Columbus; Xander Rehder, Red Lodge.Tackles:Chace Waters, Sidney; Torin Jeske, Bozeman; Braden Zimmer, Billings West.Tight ends:Grayden Wilkinson, Billings Skyview; Chase Crockett, Glendive.Fullback:Holden Meged, Miles City.Wide receivers:Quinn Clark, Bozeman Gallatin; Rocco Lencioni, Bozeman; Owen Reynolds, Red Lodge; Benjamin Falkowsky, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Maclain Burckley, Billings Senior.Running backs:Aidan Lammers, Shepherd; Izayah Brown, Great Falls; Miles Wells, Hardin.Quarterbacks:Kellen Harrison, Bozeman; Thomas Buchanan, Red Lodge.Defensive tackles:Hudson Wiens, Bozeman; Maxx Lee, Billings Senior; Jordan Jensen, Lewistown.Defensive ends:Cooper Collins, Great Falls; Kaiden Clement, Great Falls CMR; Maddox Roberts, Billings Central.Inside linebackers:Josh Woodberry, Bozeman Gallatin; Cooper Frietag, Billings West; Brisbin Reiter, Havre; Xavier Brackenridge, Billings Central.Outside linebackers:Tyce Casterline, Lockwood; Reese Paulson, Belt.Defensive backs:Ryan Nansel, Bozeman Gallatin; River Wasson, Great Falls CMR; Connor Stanton, Billings West.Safeties:Mason Dethman, Froid-Medicine Lake; Cordell Holzer, Bozeman; Kyle Mounts, Bozeman Gallatin; Ethan Triplett, Belt.

Alternates: Guard:Braxton Fulton, Shepherd.Tackle:Malloy Mayer, Bozeman.Tight end:Quaid Ash, Bozeman.Wide receivers:Bodie Donsbach, Roy-Winifred; Toryn Richards, Glasgow; Degen Nelson, Columbus.Running backs:Bergen Mysse, Harlowton-Ryegate-Judith Gap; Adam Grammar, Chester-Joplin-Inverness; Wyatt Ree, Wibaux.Quarterback:Adam Balkenbush, Billings Central.Defensive tackles:Tyler Icard, Shepherd; Oakley Woody, Bozeman Gallatin.Defensive ends:Tyler Conrad, Bozeman Gallatin; Daniel Marinko, Belgrade.Inside linebackers:Peyton Harms, Billings Senior; Austin Baller, Bozeman; Kieran Netburn, Lewistown.Outside linebackers:McCoy Banner, Fairfield; Cade Ball, Fort Benton.Defensive backs:Maxx Ray, Lewistown; Cameron McAllister, Laurel.Safeties:Grant O'Neill, Great Falls; Brody Jenness, Lewistown; Kyler Wolfgang, Bozeman Gallatin; Ryder English, Great Falls.

Head coach:Rob Stanton, Billings West


Centers:Barrett Hageman, Helena Capital; Tavan McMaster, Jefferson;.Guards:Kade Schleeman, Butte; Isaac Stoker, Corvallis; Tristan Crane, Columbia Falls.Tackles:Cole Dawes, Helena Capital; Dalton Noble, Jefferson; Henry Sellards, Kalispell Glacier.Tight ends:Danny Sirmon, Missoula Sentinel; Eli Thorness, Bigfork.Wide receivers:Cohen Kastelitz, Kalispell Glacier; Grady Walker, Missoula Sentinel; Colter Ramos, Missoula Big Sky; Jace Hill, Columbia Falls; Zane Moodry, Butte Central.Athletes:Deacon Zachary-Sterna, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Kash Goicoechea, Kalispell Glacier.Running backs:Kale Konen, Dillon; Joey Sandberg, Missoula Big Sky.Quarterbacks:Carter Kraft, Helena; Kee Christiansen, Dillon.Defensive tackles:Hayden Hanks, Thompson Falls; Christian Knowles, Missoula Sentinel.Defensive ends:Ethan Alexander, Florence-Carlton; Isaac Keim, Kalispell Glacier; Andrew Burrows, Hamilton.Inside linebackers:Cody Schweikert, Columbia Falls; Jace DeShazer, Libby; Tuff Adams, Helena Capital; Harrison Shepp, Florence-Carlton.Outside linebackers:Kyler Larson, Helena; Lucas Lant, Hamilton; Max Davis, Dillon; Shane Williams, Three Forks.Defensive backs:Alex Hausmann, Kalispell Glacier; Alihn Anderson, Columbia Falls; Tristan Butts, Eureka.Safeties:Mason Kelch, Whitefish; Tyler Abbott, Florence-Carlton; Colton Hayder, Three Forks; Cooper Anderson, Dillon.

Alternates: Guards:Landon Peterson, Dillon; Jeremya Mauch, Ennis.Tackle:Matt Golemon, Helena.Tight end:Braden Capser, Kalispell Flathead.Wide receivers:Mark Robison, Columbia Falls; Manu Melo, Helena; Callin Fenno, Manhattan.Running backs:Talen Reynolds, Missoula Loyola; Jace Arca, Arlee.Quarterbacks:Bo Demarais, Butte; Riley Allen, Missoula Sentinel.Athlete:Brody Thornsberry, Kalispell Flathead.Defensive tackles:Titan Imman, Charlo; Arie McLaughlin, Florence-Carlton.Defensive ends:Kyler Stenson, Butte; Lane ho*rner, Columbia Falls.Inside linebackers:Kaleb Shine, Kalispell Glacier; Hunter Goodman, Columbia Falls; Vance Wingard, Ennis; Levi Reynoso, Corvallis.Outside linebackers:Wyatt Johnson, Bigfork; Ryan Frisinger, Helena.Defensive backs:Evan Barnes, Kalispell Glacier; Mason Venema, Manhattan Christian; Parker Wagner, Jefferson.Safeties:Brett Grange, Helena; Tristan Herd, Bigfork.

Head coach:Pat Duchien, Florence-Carlton



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Rosters unveiled for 77th Montana East-West Shrine Game next summer in Billings (2024)
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