You Should Kill Yourself... Now! (2024)

Content Warning: Portions of this entry make mention of suicide, which some may find difficult or upsetting. If you need support or are dealing with suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's website or call 1-800-273-8255.


You Should Kill Yourself… Now! refers to a viral photoshop of YouTuber and Street Fighter player Low Tier God channeling lightning paired with his quote which was directed at a purported stream sniper. The image macro gained viral popularity as a reaction and source material for memes and redraws on Twitter and iFunny in September 2021. In the following years, it also saw use as a copypasta known as the "Low Tier God Copypasta."


On numerous occasions during his streams,[1] YouTuber and Street Fighter player Dalauan Low Tier God Sparrow told his stream snipers and opponents to kill themselves. One rant, said by Low Tier God during a Super Smash Bros. stream sometime before April 26th, 2020, gained particular recognition online (shown below).[2]

You gonna stay on my dick until you die! You serve no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is being on my stream sucking on my dick daily! Your purpose is being in that chat blowing that dick daily! Your life is nothing! You serve zero purpose! You should kill yourself now! And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen and ozone layer, that's covered up so we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Because what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. I mean that, with a hundred percent. With a thousand percent.

Starting in April 2020, following Low Tier God's global ban from Capcom-related events following the player's history of offensive statements,[3] humorous edits of the video were posted online, with users setting the clip to various music. For example, on April 26th, 2020, YouTube[4] user Remy Dyte posted a version set to Sonic 3 and Knuckles soundtracks. The video gained over 74,600 views in one year. On May 4th, 2020, Twitter[5] user @prowerrr_ posted a meme in which SpongeBob narrated the rant, with the video gaining over 55,500 views, 1,400 retweets and 4,900 likes in one year (shown below).

The LTG clip but it’s Spongebob instead

— Prower  (@prowerrr_) May 14, 2020

Before August 12th, 2021, an unknown user created an image macro in which a photoshopped photograph of Low Tier God channeling lightning was paired with his quote "You should kill yourself… Now!" The image (shown below) was presumably created by a member of one of the Discord servers dedicated to trolling Low Tier God and first posted there.

On August 12th, 2021, an anonymous 4chan[6] user made the earliest found repost of the image online in a thread on /co/ board.


On August 25th, 2021, Twitter[7] user @shoryufallouts posted the image in a dedicated thread of Low Tier God images, gaining 10 retweets and 21 likes in two months. In early September 2021, more reposts of the image were made by users on iFunny[8] and Twitter.[9]

On September 13th, 2021, Twitter[10] user @DP0nWakeup posted the earliest known meme based on the image macro (shown below), with the post gaining nearly 300 retweets and 1,500 likes in one month.

Starting in mid-September 2021, the image achieved notable popularity both as a reaction and a source material for memes, including redraws. For example, on September 14th, Twitter[11] user @singIetap quote tweet another tweet with the image, with the post gaining over 15 retweets and 220 likes in one month (shown below, left). On September 23rd, 2021, Twitter[12] user @pynnion posted a wholesome recaptioned version of the macro, with the post gaining over 80 retweets and 460 likes in one month (shown below, center). On September 23rd, 2021, Twitter[13] user @chara_undertale posted a Deltarune redraw of the image, with the post receiving 240 retweets and 1,100 likes in the same period (shown below, right).

Also in mid-September 2021, an unknown user posted a video in which the image was combined with "La Ronde des Lutins, Op. 25" by Antonino Bazzini, with the video also being used as a reaction.[14][15] On September 28th, YouTube[16] user 9t312b posted a trap remix based on the video which gained over 25,000 views in one month (shown below, left). More similar reaction videos were created in the following month; for example, on October 10th, YouTube[17] user visco posted a 'Murica edit that gained over 11,800 views in two weeks (shown below, right).

The meme achieved its viral point in late October 2021, with multiple viral recaptions and other memes posted during that period.

Low Tier God Copypasta

After going viral online throughout 2021, Low-Tier God's speech then became a copypasta that was further spread across the internet. On December 11th, 2021, Redditor GlitchyVii posted the pasta to the /r/copypasta[18] subreddit, where it received over 600 upvotes in roughly two years (seen below).

You are a worthless, bitch ass nigg*. Your life literally is as valuable as a summer ant. I'm just gonna stomp you and you're gonna keep coming back, imma seal up all my cracks, you're gonna keep coming back. Why? Cause you smellin the syrup. You worthless bitch ass nigg*.

You gonna stay on my dick until you die. You serve no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is to be on my stream sucking on my dick daily. Your purpose in life is to be in that chat blowing the dick daily.

Your life is nothing, you serve zero purpose.

You should kill yourself, NOW.

And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen, and ozone layer, that's covered up so that we can breathe inside this blue trash bubble.

Cause what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. I mean that, with a 100%, with a 1000%. I've never seen somebody so worthless in my life. Im deadass. I've not seen such a more worthless nigg*, in my life.

If he has kids? Oh my god, Imagine if a nigg* like that has kids. Like imagine. Imagine if somebody like that actually has kids. I would feel so sorry for his children cause the nigg* literally serves no f*cking purpose.

Imagine a father, now we got lots of nigg*s with, wives and kids and sh*t that suck my dick daily on the internet. But imagine if this nigg* actually had children. This nigg* is devoting the time he could be spending with his kids, checking out a black man on stream, cucking over him relentlessly. It's crazy.

I've never seen someone so relentless to be seen. Somebody, somebody, somebody's value so worthless that they'll come into a f*cking stream, and keep coming in this bitch over and over and over and over and over and over again. We keep banning you. nigg* let me, let me, let's do you a favor.

Let's go to the 99-cent store, let's pick out a rope together. I'm gonna give you an assisted suicide. Let's pick out a rope together right, and we're gonna take all the greatest troll clips, put a TV screen right in front of you. Im gonna hang that rope on top of the motherf*cking garage.

We're gonna force feed you. Pry your eyes open. Probably dont need to do that cause you're already on my dick daily. We're gonna pry your eyes open, until you consistenly watch clips over and over and over and over and over again. Till you're gonna be like "oh this is f*cking torture". You're gonna start going crazy, you're gonna start feeling crazy. Just, your eyes are gonna bleed, the retinas are gonna just start pouring out, pouring out blood and crack open veins, and the reitnas are just going to start engaging and bulging.

Then im gonna grab that rope and say are you ready? And you're gonna say yes and im just gonna PULL IT. While you BEG me, BEG me and I mean BEG me to kill you. And choke you, choke the worthless life out of your sorry ass.

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