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Welcome to the cutting-edge Dell Technologies World experience, where innovation meets identifying points of need in the areas of data management, infrastructure, artificial intelligence and security. You want to be confident you’re investing your time and attention in the discussions that can help you deliver on your company’s needs and priorities. This helpful guide highlights breakout sessions and conversations to do just that. Gain valuable insights from Dell experts and thought leaders on our comprehensive suite of solutions, tailored to empower your organization’s digital transformation journey.

PowerStore and PowerFlex

APEX Cloud Platform, APEX Navigator, VxRail and Multicloud

PowerScale, ECS/ObjectScale and Dell Data Lakehouse


Cloud Client Workspace

AI Future with Precision

PowerStore and PowerFlex

Dive into the transformative sessions on PowerFlex and PowerStore, designed to revolutionize your data storage and management strategies.

Revolutionizing Data Analytics with PowerFlex and NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Discover the future of enterprise data centers with Dell PowerFlex and NVIDIA AI Enterprise. Learn how our innovative software-defined infrastructure consolidates these demands on a single platform, delivering exceptional performance, reliability and endurance for the most-demanding AI, ML and structured data-analytics applications. Session ID 7035P-1

PowerFlex: Learn Best Practices to Deliver IaaS Using Infrastructure as Code

Dell PowerFlex is a highly programmable software-defined infrastructure platform. The native orchestration and compliance tooling is augmented with a full API, Python code library, Red Hat Ansible modules and Terraform providers. Join us and learn how to use these tools together to achieve end-to-end, consistent workflows for programming the modern data center. Session ID 7034P-1

Data Resiliency with PowerStore: Best Practices for an Unpredictable World

In today’s high-stakes global business arena, safeguarding your business’s lifeblood—its data—has never been more important. Whether your requirements include on-prem, metro area or multi-cloud infrastructure, this session offers valuable insights on backup, replication, cybersecurity strategies and more—to help you prepare your organization for sustained success in any future. Session ID 7037P-2

What’s New with PowerStore: Eight Storage Advantages You Can Apply Today

Get the inside details on the latest PowerStore news in this fast-paced session, filled with practical tips. Customers and partners alike will discover new product and programmatic advantages to help them elevate their storage strategy for success in today’s dynamic business landscape. Session ID 7036P-1

APEX Cloud Platform, APEX Navigator, VxRail and Multicloud

Explore the APEX Cloud Platform, a pinnacle of cloud services offering unparalleled flexibility, cost management and control. Uncover the latest VxRail capabilities, delivering streamlined and scalable infrastructure solutions.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure AI Services on Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure

Unlock the power of Microsoft Azure AI services for seamless creation of diverse Generative AI experiences. Join experts as they delve into leveraging Azure AI services on Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure, showcasing how it enables impactful AI-driven business solutions on-premises. Session ID 7022P-1

Create a Digital Assistant with Dell APEX Cloud Platform and Red Hat OpenShift AI

Learn how to quickly deploy a digital assistant using a large language model (LLM) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) framework. We’ll go through an interactive demo showing how Dell APEX Cloud Platform Foundation software automates Red Hat OpenShift deployment. Then we’ll showcase the open-source operators that Red Hat OpenShift AI enables to deploy a digital assistant solution tailored for your business. Session ID 7001P-1

Embrace Advanced IT Modernization Using Dell VxRail Leveraging VMware Innovations

Explore data-center modernization strategies powered by VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and VMware’s cutting-edge innovations. Take a closer look at VxRail’s AI capabilities powered by Intel’s AMX accelerator and explore the enriched features of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail. Discover the dynamic edge applications facilitated by VxRail VD-4000, showcasing VxRail’s adaptability. Session ID 7027P-1

Provide Consistent Multicloud Operations with Dell APEX Cloud Platforms

Learn how common multicloud building blocks—such as the latest-generation servers, shared enterprise software-defined storage and intelligent management software—can simplify operations and slash total cost of ownership (TCO). We’ll show you how Dell APEX Cloud Platforms—which seamlessly integrate turnkey, automated infrastructure with leading Kubernetes and cloud partners—could play a pivotal role in your multicloud strategy. Session ID 7004P-1

Chart Your Course to Kubernetes Data-storage Simplicity with Dell APEX Navigator

When managing multicloud Kubernetes, storage admins often struggle with inefficient manual processes and scalability. Join Dell’s experts as they demo Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes—a consolidated UI integrated into the Dell APEX Console—that simplifies persistent storage discovery, deployment and monitoring, including application mobility across on-premises and public-cloud environments. Session ID 7006P-1 May 20 – 4:30 PM-5:30 PM PT Session ID 7006P-2 May 21 – 3:00 PM-4:00 PM PT

How to Break Through Multicloud Barriers with a Universal Storage Layer

Organizations need a purposeful strategy to avoid operational and data silos in multicloud environments that drive-up costs and slow progress. Through real-world scenarios, we will delve into the innovative architecture of a universal storage layer created by deploying a common set of software-defined storage services across various cloud environments. Session ID 7030P-1

Reduce Your Storage TCO in the Public Cloud By Up to 87 Percent with Dell APEX Storage

Did you know Dell has cloud storage solutions that can help you save significant time and money?¹ Join us to discuss how Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud and Dell APEX Navigator can dramatically optimize your ROI. In this session, Dell experts will be joined by a special guest presenter from Dell Technologies partner AHEAD to discuss a customer’s real-world total-cost-of-ownership scenario. Session ID 7007P-1

PowerScale, ECS/ObjectScale and Dell Data Lakehouse

We’ll talk a great deal about protecting your data and infrastructure, leveraging Dell File and Object Storage and Dell Data Lakehouse to make AI a reality.

Accelerate AI with the New Open, Full-stack Dell Data Lakehouse

AI loves data, but many organizations are grappling with proliferating data sources and copies, proprietary formats and an inability to scale as requirements grow. Learn how the new Dell Data Lakehouse, an end-to-end, full-stack solution, enables you to discover, rapidly prototype and prepare high-quality data to fuel your AI advancements. Session ID: 7011P-1

Help Protect Your Enterprise From Cyber Attacks with PowerScale and ECS

Learn how Dell PowerScale and ECS solutions—the world’s most flexible² and secure³, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) and object-storage solutions—can help protect your data from cyber threats, detect attacks in real-time and respond by rapidly recovering data if a breach occurs. We’ll show how Dell implements a multi-layered defense to protect data for cutting-edge AI workloads. Watch as we launch a simulated ransomware attack and demonstrate how the systems respond with automation and deploy counter measures. Session ID 1048P-1

Top 10 Tips for PowerScale and OneFS Management and Performance

Go from competent to confident with these simple yet powerful best practices for optimizing performance, security, management and energy efficiency of your PowerScale systems. Learn how to effectively protect data from cyberattacks with advanced air-gap technologies and take a closer look at the next-gen, AI-ready PowerScale all-flash nodes. Session ID 7050P-1

Innovations in S3-compatible Storage: What’s New with ObjectScale and ECS

See how Dell’s leading AWS S3-compatible object storage solutions—ObjectScale and ECS— amazing performance for demanding workloads such as artificial intelligence and Generative AI and analytics. This session will feature the latest with Dell’s object portfolio, including the powerful all-flash ObjectScale XF960 appliance, flexible software-defined options and integrated Kubernetes for simpler, containerized app development. Session ID 7046P-1


Fortify your digital environment with the latest advancements in security, safeguarding your enterprise against ever-evolving threats.

The Hacker versus the Security Expert
You’ll witness a dynamic exchange between a reformed hacker and a seasoned security expert as they delve into today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges. While the hacker identifies the latest attack vectors and methods designed to compromise today’s most critical workloads, the security expert will counter with strategies and solutions. Meanwhile, you’ll gain actionable steps to advance your cybersecurity maturity. Session ID A-05

Turn Security Into a Strength by Advancing Cybersecurity and Zero Trust Maturity

Discover strategies that enable you to innovate confidently by securing today’s critical workloads across GenAI applications, edge and multicloud. We’ll illustrate how to reduce the attack surface, detect and respond to threats and recover from cyberattacks—allowing you to focus on growth and innovation. Session ID 1007P-1

Cybersecurity Questions You were Too Afraid to Ask

How are you protecting your IT ecosystem against a dynamic landscape of evolving threats with new and expanding attack surfaces on critical workloads like multicloud, edge and GenAI? Come prepared to discuss your experiences with peers and ask your most pressing questions. We’ll do our best to take the fear out of cyber threats by sharing practical ideas to improve your cybersecurity strategy. Session ID BOF-9

You’re also invited to play Security Sweep, a hosted quiz show that will take place in the Expo Theater at the times listed below.

    • Day 1, Monday, 5/20, 8 to 8:30 PM PT
    • Day 2, Tuesday, 5/21 11:30 am to 12 PM PT
    • Day 3, Wednesday, 5/22, 2:30 to 3:00 PM PT

Cloud Client Workspace

Visit the Cloud Client Workspace kiosk in the Modern Workplace area of the Dell Technologies booth to learn more about Dell thin client solutions and have your questions answered.

Enhancing Virtual Workspace Security with Thin Clients

Join Dell experts and special guest Scott Forehand, Global Infrastructure Manager at Topgolf as they discuss Topgolf’s unique use case transforming golf into an immersive, fun and memorable digital experience for guests and how Dell thin client solutions with ThinOS and Wyse Management Suite, help to enhance the player experience. The session will include demos of our latest product enhancements, showcasing how they help address common management challenges and deliver a secure work experience for your VDI users. Session ID 3003P-1

We’ll have products for a hands-on experience for you to explore, including the OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client, OptiPlex All-in-One, Latitude 3440 and Latitude 5450 with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Technical demos will walk you through our most secure thin client operating system, Dell ThinOS and hybrid cloud management tool, Wyse Management Suite. Be sure to enter our sweepstakes for a chance at winning a $100 Topgolf gift card!

AI Future with Precision

VFX Production Revolution: Leveraging AI with Dell and NVIDIA

The integration of Precision workstations with NVIDIA GPUs and the all-flash PowerScale has enhanced rendering and simulation processes. This has led to reduced lag times, increased throughput and improved workflow efficiency, crucial for real-time VFX production. These advancements are driving innovation in the fast-paced field of AI-driven media. Learn more from subject-matter experts in the industry on how this can be accomplished. Session ID 2005P-1

Jumpstart your AI Initiatives with AI-ready Workstations

Wondering how to begin your AI journey? We’ve got you. Come join a panel of AI experts and a special Dell customer, to learn how to jumpstart your AI initiatives. This session will cover planning, model development, training and beyond. Discover how AI-ready Precision workstations powered by NVIDIA GPUs provide developers the deskside sandbox they need to develop and train models, before deploying them on a large scale. Take your first steps in your AI journey to realize the benefits and open the world to new opportunities. Session ID 3002P-1

Dell AI-Ready Workstations: Unlocking Seamless Enterprise AI Adoption

Generative AI requires robust GPU compute, advanced engineering tools, and specialized skills. As enterprises seek to scale their AI initiatives, users have to constantly navigate intricate GPU configurations and open-source landscapes. Experience how Dell Precision AI-ready workstations, powered by NVIDIA AI Workbench, streamline compute resources and tools, enabling enterprises to seamlessly adopt and scale AI for transformative results. Session ID SP2522-1

Our Artificial Intelligence sessions and Services sessions guides are also available to help you plan your Dell Technologies World schedule. There’s still time to register to join us in Las Vegas. We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing bringing the best Dell has to offer to your business.

1 Total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, cost and money savings are versus native cloud storage, based on a Silverton Consulting white paper, sponsored by Dell Technologies, “Conceptual TCO: Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud,” October 2023. Actual costs will vary depending on the provisioning factor used, region, data change or snapshot rates, capacity, type of storage and instances used and other factors.
2 Based on internal analysis of publicly available information sources, February 2023.
3 Based on Dell analysis comparing cyber-security software capabilities offered for Dell PowerScale vs. competitive products, October 2023.

Your 2024 Dell Technologies World Sessions and Breakout Guide | Dell (2024)
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